Tuesday, May 15, 2007

At least something in my house was in a compromising position

As per my last post, it's that time of the month. I ran out of spark plugs so I stopped at Rite Aid on my way to the freeway. After waiting in the typical Rite Aid line(change the name but it's still Thrifty) my card was "invalid." Crippled? Arrggghh!!!

After a very busy day, I finally got to stop at the ATM downstairs from my office and it literally spit my card back out at me. I mean, I swear I heard the "thpt" sound. I went into the bank and do you know they had NO withdrawal slips. None. I know most people just use the ATM, but still.

Me: Um, my card just got spit back out at me.

Sweet Teller: Okay, just swipe it. (I swipe) OH. Um, it's closed.
Me: My account is closed??
ST: No, just the card.
Me: The card is closed? Why?
ST: Um, I don't know, but that man over there can help you (points to manager). In the meantime, would you like to withdrawal some money?
Me: Yes please.

Me to manager: My card is closed.
Sal the Manager: Okay, let's see what's wrong.
He took my card and typed some things in his computer and then...
"OH. Hmmm."
Really, you don't want to hear "Oh, Hmmm" from the man holding your non-working ATM card.
Me: Is it bad?
Sal: I've never seen this code before.
That's bad. All kinds of things are running through my brain. Things like all the people I owe money to have ganged up and frozen my account. Or, I've landed on some terrorist list and the government doesn't want me to have access to my account. Sal typed some more, then called someone and gave them some numbers, then typed some more. Finally, he hung up and said:

Sal: Your card was compromised, so they closed it.
Me: Compromised?
Sal: There may have been a window of time when your card was vulnerable to identity theft.
Me: Well, I haven't used it in over a week, so I don't know when that would have happened.
Sal: That could have been it. They didn't see any use and thought it was stolen.

Great, so the bank knows I use my debit card every single day and when I'm too poor to use it, they missed me. That's so sweet.

I'll have my new card on Thursday and make sure it gets good and broken in by Friday.



Frank said...

How freaking annoying! The SAME thing happened to my partner. No one bothered to notify him. He found out when he too was out of cash and needed some.

I would have been much more furious than you see to be. Yeah for you!

Sachi said...

Dude, seriously. I would hurt someone.

My bank calls me (and emails me) when they think there's been a problem. And then I have to call them and say, "No, really. I really did just spend $400 on yarn."

miss kendra said...

gosh, i bet my bank closed my account ages ago.

i'm surprised they haven't called since i haven't been to joann's in like a week and a half.

Uccellina said...

My bank doesn't love me enough to call :-(