Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boo to the Hoo

My knee keeps giving out on me at random moments. It's fun. (not really) So, after a long day and some swelling, my knee was not in prime shape as I made my way home today.
Unfamiliar with the stops on the 328 line, I rang the bell early and ended up getting off four or so blocks before Crenshaw. I don't get it. Weinerschnitzel looks so close to Crenshaw when driving.

I stepped off the curb, lost my balance and fell flat on my face and my knee. I got up quickly and hobbled across the street. My knee was bleeding. The pain was tremendous, but my stop was just four blocks away. I walked on, each step more painful than the last, but just four blocks. I walked on and on and looked up and--Son of a Sea Cook, where the hell is Crenshaw? I swear it was just down the street. I kept walking and soon the pain became a dull throb. I stopped at Rite Aid to get some Clairol Nice & Easy #118A and Q-Tips. There was the hair dye right up front. But where are the Q-Tips. I looked in the make up aisle. No swabs. I looked in the first aid aisle. No swabs. I looked in the baby aisle, where they usually are, and still no freakin' swabs. Is it too much to ask?? Finally, I found them way up high jumbled under a pile of army men. Crimony! It's just a cotton swab.

Got home, found a letter from Frau Moneygrubbing Beyotch and my rent is going up. 5% this time instead of the usual 3%. At least she didn't try to soak me that $7 "city fees" this time.

I need ice cream. Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, a Ben & Jerry joint.


Anne-Marie said...

my knee sporadically gives in walking down steps and hills. Haven't fallen quite yet, but its close im sure. I did fall UP the stairs in work once, i think i fell over my own pants...

Anyhoo, bad luck on the knee thing. Hope the pain doesnt stick around too long

Helena Handbasket said...

I'm with you, Babe -- Weinerschnitzel and Crenshaw are so right there and within easy ambling distance of each other. In fact, they are practically on top of each other, really. When did they move the bastards? I do the same thing with Bohunkus Boulevard and Batcave Way. Never fails. What looks like a coupla baby steps from the driver's seat of my truck turns out, in fact, to be leagues. Damn! And your knee made it that much worse. So sorry.
While enjoying the Ben & Jerry joint, scoop some Chunky Monkey onto the knee and see if that helps reduce the swelling.

Frank said...

I say show it who's boss: replace it!

{{{Laurie Ann}}}

Annika said...

If you live in the city of LA it's illegal for her to raise the rent more than 3%. Though I think she can actually get away with the city fees.

miss kendra said...

:( laurieannnnnnn!


Uccellina said...

No breaking teh Laurie-Ann. I have spoken.


Abby Hansen said...

Oh, honey!!!!

That sucks!

But you should REMIND Ms. Beyotch about her illegal behavior...landlords freak when you do that.

Remind me to tell you about the toilet incident...