Monday, May 21, 2007

That's what I get for being impulsive

I was online this morning reading a blog that mentioned Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and nothing would do but a pint of Ben & Jerry's. So, I put clothes on and ventured out. I was going to walk over to 7-11 but thought I'd find it cheaper at the grocery store and maybe get something substantial to eat too. Then, as I turned onto Sunset, I suddenly got a bug up my butt to go to JoAnn's in Glendale for a little something for my latest project (see below).

All went well. I got the little something I needed plus something I didn't know I needed but it was cheap. Then as I was headed home all proud of myself for figuring out how to get to the freeway and get home, singing out loud to the Pearl Jam CD in my player, a loud piercing BEEP BEEP BEEP went off. Oh look, it's my oil light--AGAIN. I quickly took the first exit I saw, not knowing that it leads to another exit. And all the while the beeping, MY GOD, the beeping won't stop. "I'm trying to pull over. Quit beeping at me," I shouted at the incessant alarm. Fortunately, after the last incident, I have had two quarts of oil in my trunk for just such an occasion. Plucky gal that I am, I popped the hood, dumped in the oil and waited for it to settle before checking the dipstick again. Then I wiped my hands and headed home.

I never got my ice cream because I didn't want to tempt fate with the car and all. My brakes are making horrid noises and I still have to get the back end fixed fro
m my little accident. Rats.

In other news, I knit another cupcake from the One Skein book, and while I think the color scheme looks like Winnie The Pooh's treehouse, I'm very proud of the candle. That's an I-cord, with a coffee stirrer stuffed inside and some fuzzy Target yarn as the flame.

So, guess what I'm knitting now? Here's some pictures to help you.

Is it a jelly fish? A hat gone wrong?

A boob warmer?
You guess.

Sorry, I don't have any prizes for you, but I'll be sure to laud you to the rafters via this here blog. Stay tuned for the results (by Tuesday, I hope). And please take note of the beautiful stitch markers courtesy of the lovely and talented Sachi.


Sachi said...

Ahem... I thought the purple stitch markers were for a friend. ;-)

Helena Handbasket said...

It's the meringue part of the beautiful and delicious Lemon Meringue Pie you are so fervently knitting.
Am I even close?