Saturday, May 05, 2007

Resistance is futile. You will spend your life savings on yarn.

I have avoided Yucca (the street, not the plant) the whole month of April. I have plugged my ears and averted my eyes when my fellow knitters began extolling the bargains to be had at the giant 50% off everything sale at Black Sheep Knittery. I have said, "No, I have plenty of yarn and I have bills to pay, a car to fix, laundry to do, food to buy." Yet, I found myself in need of 10.5 and 10.75 circular needles for my new project, since I FINALLY finished my top-down baby cardigan for the child born in January. (no, it probably won't fit him) So, with an hour 'til closing, I popped into Black Sheep Knittery "just for some needles and maybe to poke a bag of yarn or two." Yeah, right. Two circular needles, three Lantern Moons (because they're so pretty and 50% off), a bag of cashmerino, and a couple of magazines later I left and ran home immediately to check my bank account to make sure rent is covered. What is it that makes me lose control of my senses when I'm surrounded by yarn. If I had had more money in my account, I would also have purchased four skeins of linen in the prettiest yellow-purple-brown colorway that reminded me of a landscape. I'm a baaad girl.

So, what have I been up to? The office move is complete. Junk has been hauled away, offices are in order, windows have mini-blinds, people have trash cans, the training room in set up, and the new receptionist/ office manager starts Monday. I, for one, couldn't be happier. Of course, this now means I'll have to be at the boss's beck and call again. Oh well.

Baby sweater is complete. It looks like this.

I'm quite proud of it. Look at the adorable hood, the raglan sleeves, the seamless construction--perfect. If only I had finished it in time to actually fit the intended child. He's a small baby, so maybe it will fit him for a month.

I'm also almost finished with the first hand-warmer I started back in December for Stella. I have the thumb to do, which I started today but, being a dumbass, I started knitting it backward--or inside out--and have to redo it.
I started Tami's sweater today (which is what I needed the circulars for) but I have a feeling that's going to take some time. It's fancy and all.

In non-yarn related news, I have a lovely view from my new office. I can see all the way to the ocean (theoretically, if the smog clears) and up to the Hollywood sign, which still makes me happy after 12 years of living here, and points east.

Just look at that lovely view of traffic and rooftops. Pardon the reflections; it was sundown.

Thursday, and this is why I bitch about the parking on my street, these signs were posted.

To what do I owe this inconvenience? ENTOURAGE! I don't care how cute Adrian Grenier is, I get mighty peeved when my parking is taken up for trailers. Just one of the hazards of living in the heart of the 'wood--Hollywood, that is.
Note there is no time listed on the sign. So imagine my irritation when Mr. Parking Enforcer said to me, as I was getting into my car at 8:10am, "You're lucky. I was just about to have you towed." I glanced around, noticed I was indeed the only car on the street, and said, "Um, why?"

He pointed to the sign. "Yeah, I know, but I live here."
Him: "That doesn't matter. All cars are supposed to be off the street by 8:00."
Me: "Sez who?" (I know; I'm so mature)
Him: "Says the notice that was posted on your front door."
Me: "There was no notice on MY front door. I noticed the sign last night when I parked, but the sign doesn't have a time listed."
Him: "It's from 8:00am to 8:00pm. The notices were posted everywhere."
Me: "Everywhere but my door."
Him: "You're just lucky."
Me: "So what's this for anyway?"
Him: " know, the TV show. They're filming up the street."
Yeah, they filmed up the street on the 7th floor of a building on the corner, but they have to take up three streets for the freakin' trailers. Arrgggh!!!

Let's see, do I have anything else to say? Sweater? Check. Parking? Check. Work? Check.
That ought to do it. I have to do laundry and bake brownies tomorrow. Here's hoping I have enough cash for quarters and that the brownies don't burn.


miss kendra said...

i haven't gone. i actually need a bag of cashmerino, but i have no monies so i don't go.

Catherine said...

Did you go today? I got there at 4:45 p.m.! And I only bought #8 dpns - the short ones, not the regular-length ones. Imagine that!

The salesperson told the other two people there and me that it is highly likely that the giant 50% off sale will go on until THE END OF MAY. You've been warned.

(P.S. I had dinner afterwards at the Spaghetti Factory and saw the sign that said it was closing June 19. WAAAAAH. I would have called you to see if you could meet me but I don't have your number! This must be rectified.)

Ellen Bloom said...

You deserve the yarn for many jobs well-done: Moving your office staff; finishing the baby hoodie; putting up with "Entourage" crew, etc. Enjoy your purchases!

Catherine! I can't believe the Spaghetti Factory is closing! I used to eat there all the time when I worked at KTLA. The building is historical. I must go back before it closes for good. Hmmm? Mithra cheese on fettucini..yummm.