Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here's to my BFF (and I really mean that)

Today is Joann M. Wallie's birthday. Joann is truly my BFF, emphasis on the last F. How long have we known each other? Well, I can't remember ever not knowing Joann. There are stories about her mom finding out she was pregnant on the day I was born, or round about then. There are stories about us meeting when Jo was fresh from the hospital (I am 5 months older). But the earliest photo documentation of our friendship is in August 19** when we were both 3. I'd include the photo but I made it into a magnet and gave it to her at her bridal shower. Imagine the cutest red-haired girl ever (Jo) and the most precious brunette rocking a bucket hat (me), dirty faces and bare feet. We were adorable children. Heck, we're still pretty hot.

We did everything together (well, almost...we attended separate schools). We twirled baton together, cheered for ESYA together, pretended to be Betty and Veronica (from the Archies) together (and let me tell you, Jo plays a mean frisbee tamborine), got drunk together, got stalked by crazy men and Burnley Workshop employees together, took our driving tests together, and lived through some crazy years, both good and bad, together.

Joann is pretty much the perfect friend. She never judged me, always called me on the stupid stuff, supported me when my parents divorced, stood up for me when people were mean, put up with my lack of punctuality, always shared no matter what, allowed me to be her only son's godmother despite my flaky ways, and didn't make it hard on me when I moved 3,000 miles away. She always understood me even when I didn't, and I love her dearly.

On the night before her wedding, Joann and I sat in her childhood bedroom drinking wine coolers and crying. Crying because it was the end of an era, because this meant growing up, because "we can't walk to each others house anymore." (that last one made us laugh and then cry some more)
As if marriage or distance could keep us apart--never--we are forever inextricably linked. Why just this week we went shopping together (online, via email, it was fun).

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. I love you.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Dude - WINE COOLERS?! She may be getting married and having babies, but y'all don't have to worry about growing up. :)