Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Roy is damn funny; (It runs in the family)

Yet another reason to love my nephew
I was Gmail chatting with Roy yesterday and mentioned that I am avoiding Frau. (I've lost the actual transcript somehow or I'd just paste it) Roy said something to the effect of "You can outlast her. She's pretty old." To which I replied, "She'll outlive us all because she's a cantankerous old bitch."
Then Roy said the greatest line ever: "Yeah, even Death is faking the shits to avoid her."
On its own, it's a great line, but it brought to mind a visual of Death avoiding Frau. I kept picturing Death (you know, bony guy, black robe, sickle) ducking down an alley when he sees Frau approaching, hiding behind a dumpster, kicking at the stray cats so they don't give him away. So Roy replied:
Hiding behind the curtainducking behind a newspapertop of his hood and sickle poking up over the heads of high school students in line at the In-n-OutWhy is this the funniest thing in the world to me? Because Roy has only been to Hollywood twice and still made a spot-on In-n-Out reference. And because I can totally picture it.

and the bean grows on
OMG, look at my bean. The leaves are bigger than my hand. WOW! Here are some photos for size reference. I realize my arm in the photo doesn't help unless you know me and have seen the length of my arm, so I measured the bean and it's currently 13" tall.

In other news
I got a mani/pedi today and my legs feel like silk. Seriously. Come feel my legs. They massage the lotion in, then wrap your legs in hot moist towels leaving them so silky smooth I just wanted to walk up to every man I saw and say, "Come on, wouldn't you want this snuggling up against you tonight?" The gal doing my pedicure kept giggling at my Harold tattoo. I sure she, like most folks, thought he was holding his penis. (It's a CRAYON) That's okay; I still chuckle at my manicurists name--Phuc. Fortunately, he let's me call him Peter (which, truth be told, still makes me giggle because I'm 12).

Have a Great Sunday. I'll be doing laundry, trying to get my brake light fixed, my car smog checked, knitting, but NOT seeing a show at the Troubadour, sadly.

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