Monday, April 28, 2008

Where my people at?

Hey Folks! A good Monday to you all. I hope the weather is treating you right in your neck of the woods because it's pretty hot and dare I say it, yes, sticky, here in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. How's the weather where you live? Why not tell me?

Every Monday, I get a report from Site Meter that tells me who has visited and all that good stuff. I have a modest number of hits per week, and most are from folks searching for something entirely different. But that doesn't mean we can't be friends. You who found me through "ron corning shirtless," tell me why you want to see that? Is he hot shirtless? And you, who won't "suffer fools lightly," I won't either. Tell me your story. And hey, all you discerning music fans who found me by googling "Airborne Toxic Event Carson Daly," tell me how it was. I feel asleep like a fool. I missed my Daren. What brought you to ATE? I'm curious. Leave a comment.

That's right, I'm calling y'all out, especially those of you who check back on a regular basis. I'm talking to you Cream Ridge, New Jersey; Kailua, Hawaii; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Aliso Viejo, Cali; and more recent visitors from Chisago City, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Inglewood, CA; and Englewood, NJ. (True story, I once drove a friend to Englewood, NJ, and somehow ended up in the express only lane. I then had to drive up on the low median, say a prayer and then drive diagonally across five lanes of traffic to make the exit. Without a scratch, my friends, because I'm awesome.) Oh, and let's not forget my posse from Virginia (I get at least one visitor--and one week SIX--from Virginia each week). And hey, U of I visitor who hates WikiHow--My nephew goes there! Small world, huh? You can see his handsome mug back in March posts. Sweden, Germany, Korea, Kuwait--I'm not forgetting you. Washington, DC? How 'bout it.

Don't be afraid to just say,"hi." I'm a nice person. (Personal friends and family should refrain from refuting that statement and should also say "Hi" because it's right neighborly.)


marniecat said...

I'm the Aliso Viejo, CA person! You're going to think I'm a stalker for reading your blog so much! It's on my list of stuff I look at every day, along with myspace, livejournal, etc!

Anne-Marie said...

I want to know how to stalk my readers too...

Here in the good ole UK yesterday it was um, changable. It changed from red hot sunny clear skies, to overcast and dark, to pissing it down and cloudy and sometimes even stormy, approximately every 20 minutes for the whole day.

Great if you managed to run into town in the sun, not so good if you were caught short :s

Today I think its raining, but it could just be overcast. My windows are wet because they were just cleaned (if you count squirting water at them as cleaning).

Hmm, il blog a photo of outside my window since the trees now have leaves and everything!

Anonymous said...

Halifax, Nova Scotia checking in! It's cold and rainy here at the moment... and probably will be until July! ahhh, spring on the east coast! :)

Thanks for the post on the Laptop Compubody Sock - best laugh I had all day!!! I live for the day when I see someone using one in Starbucks LOL

Meghan said...

I'm from Edmonton, Alberta and I think I found your blog through Crazy Aunt Purl's website. I've been visiting your blog for at least a year now.

As for weather, it's going to be a fairly warm day (18 degrees celsius) but it's supposed to rain tonight. This is much better weather than one week ago when we had a snow storm. In April.

Kris said...

LOL, Cream Ridge NJ is ME! I think I originally found you through Crazy Aunt Purl. Now I check in because your posts make me laugh, especially the ones about your landlady. Yes, I admit it, checking up on various blogs is also a great timewaster when I should be working. I know, I know, RSS feed and all that, but then it would destroy the purpose. Plus I am too lazy to figure it out. (Please don't tell me how easy it is, many have already tried.)

It is damp and rainy here, a proper spring morning. I think we have this weather the rest of the week, which is just peachy considering that I am taking 3 boys camping (luckily in a cabin) this weekend. Can you say MUD??!?

Sachi said...

Yo. Let me be among the counted.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

How funny - I have lived in Mission Viejo (close to Aliso Viejo), Kailua, HI, and D.C.!! I probably *know* these people in real life. Or they are personalities I've left behind (lack of room).

Uhm. Is it hot enought for ya?!

Ellen Bloom said...

Looks like most of us get lurkers thru Crazy Auntie. She's awesome.

Santa Monica, CA checking in! Sunny, slightly breezy..approaching hot temps later today!

MamaMouse in MN said...

Hi Nice Person, I believe I'm your "Chisago City, MN" visitor. I apologize that I can't tell you how I came upon your blog (the memory just ain't what it used to be) but I laughed so hard the first visit, you've been added to my favorites! Ya sure, you betcha!