Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm an idiot

And apparently, I'm weak as a kitten. I stopped to put gas in my car on my way to the dinner with a friend. This particular pump had an extra sturdy nozzle guard (or whatever that rubber accordion thing is ) and I could not get the nozzle far enough in to pump the gas. The back flow kept shutting off the pump. I tried to shove it in farther and it seemed to work until I heard "gurgle gurgle" and jump back just in time to avoid a gush of gasoline spilling down the side of my car. I have never done this in all the years I've been pumping gas (since before I could drive because Mom didn't like to pump).

I cussed like a sailor* because that stuff is liquid gold and who knows how much of the $20 worth of gas ended up on the ground or on my car. Fortunately, I have paper towels in the truck and was able to wipe it up. Unfortunately, I smelled like gas and so did the interior of my car; I must have gotten some on my shoes after all. I was queasy by the time I got to Woodland Hills.

*I don't want any hate mail from sailors. I suppose I could have said "trucker" but I don't really know truckers. I know sailors. My Dad was a sailor once and lo, the vocabulary I gained while he re-wired our house. Although my brother was also a sailor and he's always toned down the swearing.
Hmmm, I guess I just cussed like me.


Anne-Marie said...

In my old car there was a hole in my fuel pipe. I didnt realise until I saw £20 of fuel pouring down over my wheel and onto my feet.

Still, it was only 62p a litre back then (Only 8 years ago!) I'm currently paying £1.20 a god damned litre for diesel :(

I quite like the smell of gas until it gives me a headache and I want to throw up. I guess its a love/hate relationship...

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Weird. I have a similar experience with my "new" (1995) car. For some reason, there is something funky about where the nozzle goes, and inevitably end up slurping whenever I don't pay CLOSE attention to it.

That, and the fact that I *ALWAYS* get into physical fights at gas stations, are why the Jman always has to get my gas.

sappmama said...

Man, I would've sucked that stuff up with a straw and spit it into my tank. This is how low I've been driven by $4 a gallon petro.

Viva Scrapper! said...

Same thing happened to me today.... The car (Truck actaully) in question was from 1936 and since my gas gauge is not working properly I had no idea how much I should put in....and since it's an old timey fuel insert thing I have to manually hold back the rubber thingieand lucky for me the paint is shot because about $2.00 worth of gas (bout a table spoon) gushed all over my precious fender!