Saturday, July 19, 2008

And I only broke one nail

Today the company had our first (annual?) Staff Olympics (Special was implied) in which our office staff and various site staff formed teams to play in both Softball and Basketball tournaments all day from 10am to about 3pm. The Office (my team) played the first softball game at 10am--yes, in the morning. I know. I hadn't had coffee and you want me to play a game I haven't played in like, at least 20 years? I suppose it's like riding a bike (which I'm really, really bad at); I picked it right up and was catching pop flies and hitting homers like a pro--and then practice ended and the real game began. I was, fortunately, stuck in Right Field where hardly any balls dare to fly (except one and I caught it, thank you very much). And the batting? Well, I made contact with the ball on all three of my at-bats, and not one of them was an easy out. I made it to first on my first hit, third on my second hit, and then got caught in a pickle between second and third on my third hit. All in all, I have to say I'm pretty impressed that my fat old ass could run like that. And asthma be damned! No wheezing all day!!
Boo: I twisted my knee during the pickle and it swelled up like a balloon. Since I took the bus, that meant walking and standing on it for some time. I have ice on it as we speak.
Hooray: It was really a lot of fun and I had forgotten how much I love playing ball. The feel of the glove and the ball falling into the pocket, the crack of the bat connecting with the ball, the exhilaration when your team scores a run--Damn, I love this game, even if the balls were soft and not hard. (get your minds out of the gutters)
Please weigh in on this one--Complete this taunting chant: We want a pitcher, not a ... (a) belly itcher; or (b) underwear stitcher? There was some dissent on our team as to the correct taunt.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.
These donuts aren't just good. They're Extra Terrific!
You know you're deep in the 'hood when the drive through has this.
This is a pretty green beetle that Sergio caught. Then it pooped in his hand. But it sure is a beautiful iridescent green, isn't it? All the girls ( and Hong) were squealing and running when it came by but it was so pretty I let it land on my shoulder.


Meghan said...

Belly itcher!

mamamouse in MN said...

Underwear stitcher??? NO WAY! In Minnesota, it's definately, "Belly itcher!"