Thursday, July 10, 2008

Netflix, You Bastards!!

You can't see me, but I'm totally shaking my fist angrily in the direction of Santa Ana, California, the location of the nearest Netflix hub. As I mentioned a few days ago, the three movies queued up from Netflix were kind of a theme and I didn't want to break up the set, so I forced myself to watch "Orlando," even though I wasn't really into it. I sent all three DVDs in on Monday and awaited my next three. Meghan asked what theme. It was set to be a mini Shiathon--Transformers and Battle of Shaker Heights, with a little Joey Gordon-Levitt thrown in because I have a soft spot for that boy (he became my surrogate nephew when I first moved here and missed The Roy something fierce). With much anticipation I opened my mailbox yesterday to find two, not three, movies waiting. "It's okay," I consoled myself. "You can't watch them all tonight anyway and the third will arrive tomorrow. I'm sure of it."

I opened the DVD packages to find (a) a movie I don't remember putting on my queue and (b) The Lookout (Joey's movie). I watched movie A because I didn't need to really pay attention and I was blogging while watching. Movie A blows, by the way. Maybe if you didn't live that life back in Pennsyltucky you might find it interesting, but that was just a chapter from my 20's with thicker accents. Sighing heavily, I tossed that in the mail today hoping to have my Shiathon this weekend. Then I got this email from Netflix:
Oh, did you? Did you receive Transformers? That's funny. BECAUSE I DIDN'T!!! I'd love to "Rate this title" but I haven't seen it yet, because you didn't send it to ME.
Don't get me wrong, I love Netflix. I love the convenience of not having to go to a video store and look for something and having all the good titles picked already and having the ever-s0-helpful staff recommend horrendous films (for kicks*), etc, etc, etc. I love that I can have them as long as I want and not have to pay late fees. I love that I can pick a slew of movies for my queue and rearrange it at will. Really, I'm holding a first class ticket for the Netflix Love Train--All Aboard! But, man, when they screw up, it just gets my panties in a knot. No Shia for Laurie Ann. But at least I have Joey. And, you know, my weekend is pretty busy anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, please take the time to follow this link and vote for The Airborne Toxic Event. Here's a note with instructions from lovely band member Anna:

"Scroll down to where it says “Users’ Choice” and click on our box to vote (it’s the first one). To watch the video, click on the little TV icon. The timing here is crucial. Whichever video gets the most votes during the next 48 hours wins the contest gets and featured on Yahoo! Music for a month. We’re up against some stiff competition, so whatever you can do to support the band will be rewarded handsomely with kind thoughts and witty banter. Vote as many times as the mood strikes you. (Just refresh the page after each vote.)"

The video is worth a gander, as it features a great song, Spaceland in Silverlake and the hottest drummer ever to sleep on my sofa.

*I know folks at Tower (and you know who you are) who did that to unsuspecting Soccer Mom types. Naughty boys.

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Meghan said...

My friend and I are both users of (Canada's Netflix)and she received that same movie. We watched it together and it really did blow. We didn't even finish it, so kudos to you.