Sunday, July 06, 2008

The best laid plans...

...probably didn't come from me. So, what have I accomplished on this three-day weekend in which I was going to give my apartment a good cleaning?

Laundry--my clothes got clean. And the drying was free thanks to the nice man who owns the local laundromat. I really like this laundromat. It's always clean and I never see hookers turning tricks (like the place on McCadden). Just look how he's spiffed it up:ah, soothing.

Shopping--I went to Big Lots and did some grocery shopping. Where else can you buy Hamburger Helper for 69 cents? I didn't buy HH but it was mighty tempting. I did buy some Rice-A-Roni (also for 69 cents) and pasta.

Margaritas--two of them, in fact, in honor of Annika's birthday! Also, I had tasty enchiladas and met real live Internet folks, proving that cyber people DO exist in the real world.

Knitting--Two wristbands complete despite the unbearable heat in my apartment. I'm switching to cotton tonight to knit scrubbies.

Yeah, that's about it. I might watch my last Netflix movie just so I can send it in for another. I'm not really in the mood for it tonight but I hate sending back something unwatched and the next three in my queue are kind of a theme. I don't want to break up the set.


Will said...

69 cents for the San Francisco Treat is a deal and a half.

Meghan said...

Which movie? And what theme?

Laurie Ann said...

It's a Shia LeBeouf theme--Transformers and Battle of Shaker Heights. And then "The Lookout" because Joey is my surrogate nephew.