Thursday, July 03, 2008

A little entertainment for your weekend viewing pleasure

Hooray for the 3-day Weekend!!! Guess what I'm going to do. Clean my apartment, and not just because Frau suggested it. I was looking for something the other day and I cannot find it anywhere. I know where it was but where is it now? No clue. Plus, I seem to accumulate a ton of crap every couple of years and it's time for an overhaul. I like to use holiday weekends to do it. Jamie being all iffy in the wheel department leaves me no choice but to stay close to home (unless Manny, Moe and Jack can fix her up right cheap). And I really need to get my headboard off the connecting wall because I swear my neighbor was kicking me in the head all night last night. Sheesh!

So, while I'm sweating it up at Chez Gingham where temperatures climb into the 90's on a regular basis, feel free to enjoy this funny short film co-starring my nephew Niko and his handsome friends. It's You Tube and I would have just embedded the video but the IT guy at work has blocked it again. Joe (the main character) is so funny and talented. But don't take my word along--It won awards!

Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone! And for those of you not in the US, have a great regular weekend.

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Anne-Marie said...

Thats the same reason I ever clean my house!

Also, I have next week off work so technically, my 'weekend' is 9 days. Maybe 10 if I decide to take the following Monday too. YAY!