Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Metro! Cheaper than the circus!

I took the bus today because of Jamie's rattle. I do love the entertainment value. For only $1.25, you get TV (on most buses), gossip (provided by two girls on the Line 28 bus), intrigue (see below), and laugh out loud antics.

At the corner of Rossmore and 4th Street I saw this signA few feet ahead of the sign, in the exact same position as the figure on the sign, was a man dressed in a fluorescent orange shirt holding a fluorescent orange flag. There was no road work as far as the eye could see, which was pretty darn far. Nope, just the "Flag man ahead" sign, and indeed...there was flag man.

At the corner of Olympic and Crenshaw, a woman tried to cross the street three times. Each time she got about halfway and turned back. She tried from the Southwest corner, then crossed to the Southeast corner and tried again. Then, back she went to the Southwest corner for the third attempt. Finally, she crossed back over to the east side and got on the bus. Oh, and she mumbled to herself the whole time.

A man got on at Vermont and Olympic. He was wearing an olive green jacket and brown fedora. He was also wearing a bright yellow sash with Korean writing on it like a beauty contest winner. He was carrying a megaphone. He was very mysterious. He changed seats often and looked shifty. He got off at my stop but when I turned my head to get my hair out of my eyes, he was nowhere in sight. Gone! Poof! Secret Asian Man.

[7:45pm] On the way home, some crazy lady kept turning around to no one in particular and shouting "Don't you f**king touch me." A large no-nonsense woman up front had about enough after the third time and got in her face. "There are children on this bus who don't need to here your crazy mouth shouting obscenities. So shut up or get off." Amazingly she shut up.

I just got home and was accosted by Latina Gladys Kravitz. "Oh, Laurie--Did Frau (she didn't say Frau, that's just me) call you? She want more money. Yi Yi Yi." Frau did, in fact, call me and claim some miscalculation to her "one-time fee" amount--it's $10 more. I question the validity of this but since I caught her in the jacked up rent increase, she voluntarily offered to give me the breakdown of the fees on the 1st when she comes to get the rent. I shrugged it off and said, "yeah, she called, whatever." Then Gladys went on about the film student in the back who warned us all he'd be filming Thursday and Friday. When he told me this I replied, "well, you don't have to worry about me. I'm the cool neighbor who doesn't complain. It's this one (nod toward Gladys) you have to worry about." True to form, she called the police. Apparently he was out there at 5:00 in the morning and woke her up. She told the Frau too. I hope he doesn't get the boot. He's nice and doesn't bug anyone (I mean, aside from the filming thing).

It smells like Downey Fabric Softener outside. Ah, April freshness.

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