Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey! Have y'all seen the new CNN building?? Okay, so the building isn't new, but it's been getting a face lift for about a year and it sure is pretty. This horrible picture was taken with my cell phone so I urge you to check it out for yourself.
There's a digital message board (called a Spectacular), a bunch of TVs showing CNN (of course), benches outside, you know, in case you want to watch traffic on Sunset Blvd, and a sparkling lobby with pretty furniture. You can't read the message but it's a congratulatory message to Larry King. The corner of Sunset and Cahuenga is now known as Larry King Square.

In other news, look what I made with leftover dishcloth cotton. It's called a Tribble because it's little and round and because they're easy to make so they multiply. It's for dishes...or the shower, your choice. It's cute. I've already cast on the next one.

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woolanthropy said...

tribble is a very cute dishcloth.