Monday, August 24, 2009

It's much too Mochimochi

The knitting project I'm currently working on involves a lot of stockinette. A whole lot of stockinette. The knitters in the crowd will understand when I say, I needed a break. I needed something quick. Something satisfying. Something unbearably cute. Mochimochiland to the rescue.
I made Campy and the Mallows last weekend but didn't want to show them until our Camp Director, for whom they were made, came back to the office. He was super excited.This weekend, I whipped up some weeds, or Weeeds, as the pattern is called.The weeds have invaded my Impatiens. I think they just like the view from up here, since they're so used to being trod upon.

I have some Stackable Cats in the works, and some Grass, but I really want to make Boo. They are all my favorites.


woolanthropy said...

Yay! All those are the most fun.

Now I want smores.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

ADORABLE. I love her designs. You did real good!