Saturday, August 08, 2009

A pall hangs over the House of Frau

Sometime while I slept today , the bees, the lovely little bees, lost their lives in a senseless slaughter. I went downstairs to get my mail around 4pm and found the entrance to their hive filled in with something that looked like foam insulationor maybe wood putty.Whatever they used, it was just glopped on the hole and all around as if the perpetrator had taken a spatula and flung it at the area. And when that clearly didn't kill the bees fast enough (or more likely, when they swarmed) the murderer attacked them with bug spray soaking my stoop and leaving behind a pile of bee carcasses. When I stepped outside to get my mail, I saw the carnage and a dozen or so lonely and dislocated worker bees hovering around. I apologized to the bees and went back upstairs feeling a heavy sense of loss.

RIP, my little friends.


woolanthropy said...

dang it

poor bees

they never had a chance.

San Diego Momma said...

Does that foam insulation stuff work on flies too?

And big giant hairy spiders?

If so, please tell me where I can get some of that.