Monday, January 25, 2010

Good things come in gigantic packages

After my fiasco at the DMV last week, I had an appointment today for 3pm. I got there at 2:30 and there was a huge line, but I eventually got to a window. Instead of issuing me one of those red squares with a number (essentially, the time you have to get your tags), I was told I could have a permit for one day of operation only and I had to "pick the day." Arbitrarily? I picked today, obviously. But that meant I had to get my smog check today and come back to the DMV tomorrow with proof to get my tags. Woo Hoo! Luckily, there's a smog check station right around the corner from the DMV, so Jamie got checked and passed. And I have $4 left in my checking account. Yippee!

All told, it wasn't so bad. I was home by 4:25. And what did I find when I got home? A huge box on my front porch. Is it a bomb? I was kind of afraid.Not expecting anything, I assumed it was another errant package for this Laura gal who just moved and got her new address incorrect. Imagine my delight when I read the label and discovered it was from my nephew, The Roy. Despite its size, it was very light. Good thing, too, because I was already loaded down with my knitting bag and a box of work to catch up on. I sliced and diced through the duct tape, and found a plethora of packing materials.Digging, I found...a wooden spoon? More digging led to this amazing item--The Auntenna.It's a homemade antenna for my HD converter box that is supposed to help me get more channels with less adjusting. Roy found the plans online somewhere, except the plans called for a 2 x 4. You have to appreciate The Roy's ingenuity. The spoon really makes it. I am happy to report that the Auntenna (get it? He made it for his aunt) works great. It works so well, in fact, that a helicopter just went over the house and I did not lose reception. My fellow HD box users will know what I'm talking about. Oh, sure, it's a bit of an eyesore, but that's part of its charm. I put it on the floor next to the TV stand, but back and out of the way, and I get almost every channel available without having to adjust it. Wheeee!

But wait! It gets better. Inside the giant box was a smaller box. Inside that was homemade Chex Mix from the lovely Jess (The Roy's squeeze), along with a cover for my beloved Kitchenaid mixer, also made by Jess,some gorgeous and oh-so-soft alpaca yarn from the Bully Hollow Alpaca Farm in Pennsyltucky,and an adorable little alpaca finger puppet. "Me love my new pet," said the Frankenstein monster.

OMG, this chex mix is delicious.


mamamouseiam said...

The Roy and the lovely Jess are awesome! You, Laurie, are blessed beyond measure. :-)

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! The Auntenna is a work of art! I love it! Display it proudly. Maybe you should type up a little museum title tag for it.

Did they miss your b-day or something? That's a nice package of excellent stuff!!! Enjoy!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh my gawd. I totally agree with Ellblo - I thought the Auntenna was a piece of sculpture when I first saw the picture (of course, I was a bit distracted by the nummy alpaca...) It looks like a spikey, yet lovable, alien. Dogs bless the Roy. And his lovely girlfriend too.

Jessica said...

i know the fabric for the mixer cover doesn't match your kitchen, but it reminds me of your blog which was how i was 'introduced' to you.

woolanthropy said...

I thought Roy had created an art piece for you. It's a total art installation with form and function. Awesome! BTW I agree with Ellen about the museum tag.

Great day!