Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Just checking in

My brother, you may know him in comments as UR Brother or Anonymous, not to be confused with my sister, Anonymous--where was I?--oh yeah, my brother got worried because I hadn't posted since New Year's Eve. Awww, it's sweet when they stop beating you up and start caring. Anywho, I'm still here. What's happening? I'll tell ya--a whole lotta nothing.

I spent the early part of New Year's Day on the phone with my mommy, as I do each year, watching the Rose Parade together. I, naturally, watched it commercial free on KTLA with Bob Eubanks and the lovely Stephanie Edwards. She was flipping between HGTV and one of the network stations. Poor Mom; I never realized how much the networks cut out by showing commercials. And HGTV wasn't showing commercials, but they weren't giving good descriptions of the floats. I was sure to share the wealth info Bob and Stephanie provided with her. We do love our Rose Parade. I spent the rest of the day being a lazy arse. In fact, I spent most of the weekend doing that. Oh, I started and am mostly done with a hat for one of the gals at work, but that's it. And I made a cell phone cover for my new phone.

I got pulled over again. I know! It was at night and they turned the spotlights on my car as they approached. I was so blinded I couldn't see to dig in my bag. I said to Officer Handsome (seriously, are they recruiting Abercrombie & Fitch models?), "Wow, those spotlights are so bright. They're blinding me."
"They're supposed to, ma'am," was his reply. I asked him if he could turn them off, and to my surprise, he did. I handed him the ticket I got two weeks ago and he said, "Oh, I see you've already been blessed." Then, he let me go and told me to get it rectified as soon as possible. Yes, sir, as soon as I get paid again. Geez.

Yeah, other than that, nothing exciting to report. Back at work doing all that "Holy Crap, the holidays were here and we didn't do squat, so we have to catch up now" stuff. And knitting. And making crafty shit for an office thing. And scrubbing the dickens out of my kitchen because it was time. And....that's all.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sis. Get your car fixed!