Friday, January 08, 2010

They're messing with me

On almost a daily basis, the toilet in the first stall in the ladies room is clogged with a wad of toilet seat covers. I'm talking 40-50 of them crammed into the toilet. I like to use the first stall because the industrial sized toilet paper holders in the other stalls are lower and are not comfortable for a woman of substantial size such as myself. There is no handicapped stall in the Ladies Room of Horrors. I'm a busy woman and have a bad habit of not going to the bathroom until it's very nearly too late, so when I encounter the clogged toilet, it adds an unwelcome delay in my relief. It's quite aggravating. Originally, we assumed the dispenser was like a loose slot machine and some hapless woman went for one sheet and ended up with a handful. Even if this were the case, she shouldn't try to flush them all. Toss them in the trash.

As this began happening so often, I checked the seat cover dispenser* and have discovered it's almost impossible to grab more than one at a time unless you're digging your fingers deep into the holder and grabbing a stack. This means someone is deliberately clogging the toilet!! Am I still in high school? Are they hoping to flood the floor and get the day off? Jeez Louise!

Yesterday, the first stall was clogged, as expected, so I went to the last stall--and IT was clogged with seat covers!! Argh!! I used the second stall. When I went back a few hours later, THAT toilet was clogged with seat covers. Finally, at the end of the day, all five toilets were jammed full of seat covers. What the...? Who does this? I swear they were just watching and waiting and doing this just to irk me. As usual, I suspect the characters across the hall.

Before you suspect I'm a total freak (kind of), I realize there are more important things to get worked up about but honestly, it just boggles my mind how grown ass women can be so ridiculously inconsiderate.

*Lest you think me disgusting, I don't use seat covers because I find them more irritating than they're worth. The paper sticks to your butt and besides, I am a champion hoverer.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. What a pain in the ass. I look forward to the part where you catch the "WAD" and make them pay!