Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Test Anxiety and an amusing anecdote

I did it. I finally took the Jeopardy online test. It is hard to get the answer and type it in 15 seconds, y'all. I choked a bit. I don't know how many I missed, as they don't give you a score. The only way you know that you passed the test is if they invite you to audition. I'll let you all know if I get a call back. Then you can help me come up with some witty banter and something catchy in my bio. Somehow I don't think "I work all day and knit all night" is going to get me on the show. However, if I do get on, I promise to knit a fingerstache for Alex, because I preferred his more roguish look.

In order to take said test, I had to be logged on by 5:30ish, so I left work early to make sure I got home in time. I made it by 5:20, but was stonewalled by the Latina Gladys Kravitz downstairs. She told me about an incident that occurred on Monday, when Roy's package arrived. It seems she had gone grocery shopping and left a few bags on the front porch while she carried the rest in and stopped to pee. In the brief time that she left them unattended, someone came up on the porch and stole her groceries along with some bags of recycling she had sitting there.

Okay, that's not the amusing part. I'm not that cold.

The thieves, according to the mechanics across the street who work on the police cars, also attempted to steal my package from Roy. One can only assume it was too bulky and awkward for them to get away with, because they put it back. Roy's impressively overdone packaging saved the day! But it sucks that Gladys lost her groceries.

She told me that one day last week someone was knocking on our doors at 11pm (I didn't hear anything even though I was home). When she came to the door to see who it was, they said, "Open the door; we'd like to talk to you about Jesus." She didn't open the door, obviously. I mean, who wants to talk about Jesus at 11:00 at night? But when she spoke with the police on Monday to report her groceries stolen, she told them about the strange nighttime evangelists. They told her if it happens again, to not speak to them, but call the police instead. There have been reports of home invasions recently. Me and my mostly-windows front door are suitably spooked. I think I'll invest in a security chain...or two. And Gladys swears they knocked on my door first. Why didn't I hear it? What if they broke in while I was napping on the sofa? Creepy, creepy creepy.


foolery said...

Now that's unnerving!

Hey Miss Laurie Ann, I LOVED your iPad comment on my site yesterday, and I put it into the ad format.

Come see it when you have a chance, and thanks for playing. ; )

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I'm with you. Someone's been knocking at our front door (which is behind a fence) after I go to bed - 11:30p? No one comes by when the lights are on, but about 1/2 they go off. Scary. Be safe!