Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slightly freaky mail

When I was nearly 12, my brother Brian got a dog. Our beloved beagle mix, Lady, who was with the family since before I was born, had recently passed and a dog-free home just didn't feel right. I think we had to do a lot of begging and pleading with mom for permission, but eventually she consented and a group of us ventured off to the SPCA for a pooch. Brian quickly settled on the pup of choice, a raccoonish looking dog who was clearly the leader of her littler. Brian's girlfriend, Sharon, paid all the fees and we came home with a fluff ball of puppy. She was curious and had boundless energy, and she quickly found where we kept the food. This, along with her coloring, led to her name--Rascal. She was, according to the sign, poodle and shepherd mix, but we suspected there was terrier of sorts mixed in.

Rascal was a great dog. Although not as smart as Lady (a truly gifted dog), she was so cute and affectionate that you just couldn't get mad at her. She made friends everywhere. Rascal loved water and snow. Boy did she love snow. She would catch snowballs in her mouth and chomp them to pieces. She was also a tomboy, cocking her leg to pee in a very unladylike manner. I loved this dog so much. Eventually, a series of mild strokes left her incontinent and unable to move well, and we had to have her put to sleep. My mother, who pretends she doesn't love animals but is really an old softy, couldn't do it alone, and in the end, couldn't do it at all. I had to take her in and be brave so as not to spook her as I handed her over to the technicians and said goodbye. It was one of the hardest things I have done. (you may want a tissue now. I know I do).

So, you can imagine my reaction when I came upon this postcard in the mail.Our Rascal had less black on the face as she aged, and the black on her body didn't extend that far down the sides, she was more tan, but otherwise, this is pretty much what our dog looked like. I just stood and stared at this card. Wow!

But in the interested of helping a broken-hearted pet owner, this Rascal was lost in the area of Gower Avenue and Afton Place on December 27th. It's a male, about 35 pounds and "smallish." The card says Cairn terrier mix. If you see him, please call Mary Bess at (323) 962-1531. There is a reward offered.

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Oatmeal, the Bandit said...


When one of your posts shows up in my reader, I usually do a quick scroll through just to see what pictures are there. I don't know why - it's a subconscious thing.

Well without reading anything I saw the picture and it scared the hell out of me. I don't know with certainty where Rascal is, but I didn't expect to see her turn up anywhere soon! Cripes that gave me such a chill!