Friday, January 22, 2010

So close, my little Jamie

The boss was working from home yesterday, so it seemed the perfect day to sit at the DMV to get Jamie street legal. No, I didn't make an appointment. The closest appointments were weeks away and I need this stuff taken care of pronto. Besides, I have good luck getting there early and taking a number. Clearly, my luck is changing.

First off, raining like crazy when I set off to drive the short distance to the DMV office on Formosa. I was nearly rear-ended twice by people who don't understand the concept of slick roads. The parking lot at this DMV is ridiculously small, so there was a line of traffic waiting patiently for the parking lot attendants to direct us to the next available spot. I finally got inside and got my number--B070. Not too bad, but it meant a wait of about 53 minutes. I sat, I tweeted, I watched people (always a good time). Then, the system went down and the wait time because indefinite. I trotted out to my car to get my knitting bag and decided to sit it out.

The pattern I'm knitting calls for double-pointed needles and I-cords, and leaving the stitches on the needles and such. Only, I was short a needle. Crap! I MacGyvered a needle out of a pencil in my purse, impressing or confusing my admiring crowd, only to discover after the fact that the needle was with me all along.
Finally, they told us the problem was statewide and no one could say when the system would be online again. They called for people to line up to make appointments for Monday, so that's just what I did. I have an appointment for 3pm on Monday. Let's hope my little car stays under the radar until then.

In other news, lest you think I just cleaned on Saturday and have been resting since, I have kept the trend going. I have not allowed dishes to sit in the sink at all. I find myself picking up pieces of fuzz that dare offend my lovely red carpet. I put a small trash can at the bottom of the stairs to collect all the fliers and stuff that come addressed to Occupant (I really wish he would file a change of address so I quit getting his mail) and then take them out on trash day. And last night, I undertook perhaps the biggest challenge of all. I took all the knitting patterns that I have printed out from Ravelry, Knitty, and various other sources, separated them by type (hat, scarf, sock, etc) and filed them in three large binders.I feel so good about this, you have no idea. Also, when am I going to knit all that?

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Your pattern stash is much like my yarn stash... SABLE.