Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was not fun for the sleepy and unfocused

[Warning: this post is full of knitterly language and linky goodness]

I finished a hat last night, the one I was making for my friend at Saturday's SnB, and was quite proud of it.* I even blocked it, something I rarely do. Then, I began looking harshly. "I should have used smaller needles," I said. "The pink on the button doesn't exactly match the pink on the hat." So, before my Crazy could talk me into unraveling it and starting anew with smaller needles and a more matchy button, I did what any self-respecting knitter would do--I cast on another project. I'd been on Ravelry earlier and saw this adorable braided scarf on Sarah Sparkle's projects page. "I have the perfect yarn for that around her somewhere," I thought. "Let me dig it out." So, there I sat at 3am casting on a scarf. And since the braided bits are the most interesting, I couldn't stop until I had worked it up past the braids. But it's such an easy knit and there was actually something interesting on TV at 4am (PBS)...well, next thing I knew it was 7am and I had to get in the shower or be late for work.

At work, it was one of those days where everyone needs your attention or needs you to do something for them, or get something for them, or prepare something for them, or dance a jig for them (not really, but I wouldn't be surprised). My own work suffered from the starts and stops and my inability to remember what I was working on when I got a chance to say, "Now, what was I working on..." But that's okay. I can go with the flow. I saw a spider doing yoga on my sink this morning, Warrior III pose, I believe. If he could take the time to find his inner peace, so can I.


Ellen Bloom said...

I love it when you speak in Knitterese!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

How sad; I didn't even notice the knitter lingo... Looks like the queen's english to me!