Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's raining. Wah!

It's pouring like a bitch. Like a waterfall. Like a ruined vacation. Let's hope it's sunny on Thursday for Tina's wedding.

Yesterday when we arrived, our rooms weren't ready yet. It was hot, but not raining quite yet. And humid. Boy Howdy was it humid. "I hate it when it's sticky," she said with a dirty girl wink. So, we ate lunch. The rooms still weren't ready, so Tina led the brigade and we raided our luggage, which was still sitting curbside, and dug out our suits. We leapt into the beautiful pool and promptly swam to the bar for something cold and fruity and filled with rum.

Kelli found a volley ball and we gathered to play some water volley ball, when suddenly we were invaded by some fellow guests who were at the bar. We looked at each other and said, "I guess we're playing with these guys." A couple of volleys in (did I mention how much I suck at Volleyball?), Tina whispered to me, "Is that a leg?" Sure enough, there was a prosthetic leg on the edge of the pool. All of the men in the game with us seemed able bodied, so we kept looking around for who it might be. It turns out one of our fellow volleyers, Adam, was the pirate. His sister said it while we had more people on our side of the net. She actually said, "well, Adam's only got a leg and a half, so we need another player to make up for it. Adam may have had a half a leg, but he was still a thousand times better than me. I really, really suck.

Elsewhere in the pool was a man reading a book. IN the pool. This is what happens when Nerds go to the beach. We wanted to cannonball next to him but a) it was only 4'6" deep, and b) diving is forbidden. Oh well, the rain took care of him.

Michele, our roommate, is funny as all get out. She was lusting after the DJ at karaoke last night, but his girlfriend had attached herself to him like glue. He was cute, so it wsa understandable, but she was pretty cute herself.

Today, it was sunny at 8:00, but by 10:00 it was pouring and thundering. Yippee! I'm still moist from yesterday. Fortunately, we have this laptop, and there's always a bar open somewhere.

Later, I'll tell you about Brideshead Revisted and Stella, who got her groove back and brought him to Jamaica.

Oh, and I swear to you, Kelli, Michele, and I are the only single girls over 18 in this place. If I run into one more just married or about to be married couple I'm going to throw up...except Tina and Gary, of course. We like them.

Toodles! Wish me sunshine so I can get a tan!

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