Friday, June 30, 2006

I've got nothing to say but it's okay.

I'm avoiding typing up an employee review. I have nothing of substance to say, except how cute was Annika's little darling, Sam, last night at Stitch N Bitch? Too cute! He was so good, with nary a peep, and he has the most edible toes. ('cause we all know baby toes is good eats) Check out Sachi's blog for an adorable photo of him in the sock monkey hat from the Happy Hooker book. He made me have a cute attack.

Ellen brought in an old knitting magazine (circa 1970?) with the most frightening, yet I-must-make-them, ski masks. Bank heist, anyone?

And, since I STILL don't have my pictures developed, allow me to tease you with some photos that Tina, the bride, took while we were in Jamaica. I look "relaxed" in most of the pictures and all I'm saying is FREE BOOZE ALL DAY.

Kelli and me on the plane waiting to take off.
Kelli and me at the Seville restaurant
waiting to be seated. I'm red.
L-R: Me, Kelli, Tina & Michelle (cut off)
Tina's rack is a big hit.

Okay, Blogger is being persnickety. I'll have to start another post.

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