Friday, June 23, 2006

The morning loathes the night before

I'm sleepy on account of my staying out way too late and I had to train two people on various managerial type things on the ol' PC, like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. I'm not sure how much training was accomplished.

I was out of the office all day yesterday for a product presentation. Six hours of music and more music, at which I have the pleasure of running the stereo equipment. Usually, I'm a stressed out freak and snap at the slightest annoyance, but hell, after a vacation on a Caribbean island, I couldn't care less. Stereo acting up? Whatev. Presenters don't have their stuff in order? So. Actually, it went incredibly smooth, even if we did have to hear Paris Hilton's new single, with nine (count them) remixes.

Came home, napped until 6:55, and headed out to the Farmer's Market for my sock tutorial by the lovely, and dare I say adorable in her ghetto fabulous fall, Sachi. It wasn't as painful as I had anticipated, but it was still pretty scary. I'm hoping to make some kind of headway before next Thursday so I can make her proud. I'm also going to buy bigger needles and bigger yarn which is more suitable for beginning sock knitters like me. Who knows, kids. By next Christmas, it may be socks all around. Or, it may just be hats to match all the scarves I made last year (and this year). We'll see.

After SnB, which was too much fun due to it being Wig Night, and Laurie's (not me, Crazy Aunt Purl) birthday, I went home, took the trash out and headed off to my other Thursday night haunt with my favorite friends, like the German, Cabbiehat Chessbuddy, Dave, and John "Existentialism has been very hard on me lately" Love. John was in rare form last night. We watched The Thin Red Line and can I just say, "Who isn't in this movie?". Seriously, every young male actor in Hollywood was in this movie, or at least the ones who didn't make the cut for Saving Private Ryan. Every time Jim Caviezel came onscreen, John said, "Ah, Jesus." Then, he said, "I would be in such great shape if I went to war." I love John, but a little Love goes a long way. Also, The Thin Red Line is a long ass movie. I didn't get to bed until 4:30, which is why I'm a tired girl today.

But I look damn cute 'cause I'm wearing a skirt.

photo courtesy of Ellen Bloom's Larry, who got in touch with his inner rock star while providing photographic evidence of what happens when knitters gather.


Sachi said...

Hehehe. We had us some fun, didn't we? I'm still dying about those guys in the parking lot...

Laurie Ann said...

At least he wasn't cranking the Hilary Duff that we KNOW he owns.