Thursday, June 08, 2006

The rain stopped, but the pain begins

It was sunny yesterday morning, but the hour-by-hour forecast called for thunderstorms beginning at 11am. Kelli and I decided to take advantage of this window of sunshine and headed to the pool. Since we weren't going to be out long, we only took along her SPF15 spray.
We took an aquacise class until 11:00, and it was still sunny. So we swam up to the bar for a "Cool Running" (which totally explains why they thought they could bobsled-Whoa it was potent) and floated for a while. Time goes slower here in Jamaica, yeah mon, so we didn't know how long we floated. It felt like 15 minutes. Then we headed to the beach, where we bobbed in the water for a while talking with Tina's dad, before stretching out on a chaise. Back to the pool, then lunch. After lunch, we all (Tina's whole family and we three single gals) headed out to the beach again to ride the Banana Boat. I won't tell you about the unsuccessful struggle to get my fat butt up on the boat, but they road twice and that was another 30 minutes or so...well, let's just say we are red, red, red. Ouch. Ouch. OUCH! Seriously, what was I thinking. Tina laughed at my SPF50 earlier, but now, I sure do wish I'd been smart enough to bring it yesterday. Who knew? I didn't get out of the water and sun until 5:15! Ouch.

I'm not alone, though. Kelli and Gary are red too.

Today's the wedding. Let's hope for sunshine and no more mosquito bites. And that Tina's hair holds up in the humidity.

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