Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Occasionally I like a Vitamin Water with my lunch. It's not that I need the vitamins (I probably do, but that's another issue) or that I'm fooled into thinking it's doing me any good (although that one with the purple label totally helps with cramps). I just drink a whole lot of plain ol' good for you water and sometimes a girl needs flavor. Criss turned me on to the XXX Vitamin Water with Acai, blueberry and pomegranate and it quickly became my favorite. The only problem is the deli downstairs where I purchase them only has one at a time. If Criss and I both want one, we have to fight and it's not pretty--plus she's got about 4 inches on me and grew up with 3 younger brothers. Also, the one bottle in stock is usually hidden about three deep and you have to really want it to wade through all the pink and orange ones to get it. I think the deli lady does it on purpose, although I have no idea what that purpose could be. Does she have a sweetheart on the side for whom she saves it ? Does she have a strange sense of fun and gets her kicks out of watching me climb into the refrigerated case to find one? Criss thinks it's just that she has limited space and only orders big on the best sellers but I know better. She's got mischief in her eyes.
Today, I stopped at the newly-opened convenience store located in our building's lobby, which is owned by the deli folks. The deli owner's son was minding the shop. I searched and found the ONE bottle of XXX Vitamin Water and told him jokingly, "I found it! I think your mom hides them on me on purpose." He replied, "Oh, there's more of those in the back. I'll bring more out for you."
So, she does hide them on me! Why? What kind of wacky hi jinks is she playing at? I'm not sure, but it's on.
Oh, please don't kick me out of NaBloPoMo because I missed yesterday. I was going to cheat and back date this post, but I'm honest that way. I'll post twice today.


Ellen Bloom said...

I like little stories about quirky folks. You seem to have many of them in your life, Laurie Ann!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

HAH. I have no doubt they are just messing with your head. It's fun, you know.