Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh, sleep, you fickle mistress

When I go to bed at a decent hour, I can't sleep. So I start to read or write something and I'm drifting off in no time. When I want to stay up and watch "Hellboy," I'm out like a light midway through. When I wake up at 2am on the sofa and go to bed for reals, again with the wide awakeness. Dear inner clock: What are you trying to do to me??

I did manage to doze a bit after the 2am wake up call, but was awake again at 6am. In an effort to avoid Frau contact, I skipped downstairs in my jammies and dropped my rent check in the box. Since I was up, I got dressed and came to work. Did I have to work today? no. Was I on time for what would have been a regular work day for the first time in six months? yes. Sheesh. I did not tackle the mound of filing that has been backing up because I was too tired to stand in the filing room all day. I did, however, manage to listen to and transcribe a two-hour finance committee meeting which is no small feat considering my incompetence in the numbers field. Why do all finance meetings end up sounding like that annoying hum of power lines after about 15 minutes? Basically, I spent the past four hours like this: zzzzzz...oh, wait, what did he say? (rewind) blahblahblah...zzzzzzzz...Oh, what was that figure? (lather. rinse. repeat)

I popped downstairs to the deli for soup (because it is cold today, yessiree) and salad. I got the Chinese Chicken Salad. Can you find the salad in this picture? Because all I see is the chicken and crispy noodle things.They do not skimp on the Ginger dressing, though, and I do appreciate that.

I'm heading home now. Hopefully I'll make it through the end of "Hellboy" and possibly, dare to dream, "Hellboy II."


Ellen Bloom said...

Hah! I went into work on Friday too! My entire office is closed thru 1/5, but I'm off thru 1/8, so I thought I'd catch up and clean up my desk for the temp. I also wanted to see if anyone left me anymore Chirstmas presents! It's great working when NO ONE else is there! I accomplished quite a bit and now I don't feel guilty!

Happy New Year!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Whatever, you two! We *had* to go into work on Friday. Also the Friday after xmas. It was a frickin ghosttown!