Thursday, January 29, 2009

My duty is done

On Tuesday, when I was sworn in, the judge told us to be there at 10:45am, the trial would start at 11:00am and we'd be done by 2:00pm. She wasn't kidding. We were in the jury room at 2:00 and on the road by 2:40. That's not to say that we, the jury, rushed a decision. We gave it a good discussion and weighed the matter carefully. It was just a pretty obvious decision. So, that's it. Here's a look at the beautiful court house.

There was a metal detector that went off after every person, but the deputies just waved us through. I felt so secure. Actually, I felt sad. All the patients walking around seemed doped to the gills and were just shuffling up and down the halls. There was a woman with her husband, who was the patient, trying to have some privacy in a very non-private place. They strolled up and down the hall, the wife trying to be cheerful and failing, the husband looking vacant. At one point I saw her holding his hand and gazing lovingly into his blank stare and my heart broke for her. Did she see her husband the way he used to be? Was she willing him to break through the haze and really look at her? It was obvious how much she loved this man and I felt so sorry for her having to have this private moment in a crowded hallway with Sheriff's deputies and lawyers and other patients milling about. Mostly I left that day feeling very sad and thanking God for whatever tenuous hold on sanity he has granted me.

I came back to the office to check my email and do a few things, got home at 7:00pm and fell asleep. Sound asleep. I woke up briefly around 2am and washed my face, but then I was back in bed until 8:30am. So why am I still so tired?

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Yer tired b/c yer a SLACKER! :) Naw, it prolly has something to do with the Santa Anas (they're wreaking havoc with my sinuses).