Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hollywood Is Closed! Come Back Later.

It's Oscar night and I live blocks from the Kodak Theater. This is what my horoscope says for today.
Something big could be occurring close to home today, Laurie. It would be advisable for you to stay indoors, if possible, or certainly not stray too far. Traffic is likely to be gridlock, and the sidewalks crowded with pedestrians anxious for a closer look. Use this self-imposed "house arrest" to do some long-neglected chores around the house. Play some music and have fun while you organize your bookshelves and clear out the clutter from your closets.

While there will be no closet cleaning (or any other cleaning for that matter) I will be staying close to home. They've already closed off DeLongpre at Wilcox as of 10am. I'm at work right now, but I'll be home before it gets too ugly.

Friday, I was driving along on Santa Monica Blvd, when some idiot stopped short in front of me. No, I didn't rear end him and wreck my pretty new car, but I did forget to down shift. So when I went to move again, I was starting in second gear and the car stalled. No biggie, I started it again and was off to the races, but wait--what's that amber light on my dashboard? Check Engine? Crap!!!! I can't afford a Check Engine type of repair. I'm poor folk. It didn't help that I was on my way to Burbank, with Tami in the car, and it was raining. Whoa is me. I begged Jamie (the car, try to keep up) "Please honey, I'll get you a pretty new antenna ball. I'll give you a good hand wash. Heck, I'll throw in an Armor-All if you just turn off that light". Apparently, Jamie is not a woman who is easily bought. I worried and fretted all day. Then tossed and turned all night. I had $100 in my checking account. I can't afford a car repair, but I didn't want to ignore it. Then it hit me...SEARS. I have a Sears card, and they have auto repair shops.

Paul, the very nice mechanic, said that Sears doesn't have diagnostics, but he'd give her the old lube treatment and see if that does anything. An oil change, new filters (air and oil) and I was on the road for only $25.99. I drove Tami back to Pasadena with the check engine light still taunting me. Can I go two weeks until my next payday? Is it serious? Paul thought that maybe there was a "hiccup" in the computer due to my short stop/stall episode. I parked at Tami's and helped her carry in her stuff (because she still hurts too much to carry more than 15 pounds), then left. I turned on the car and YIPPEE! The light went off. I'm going to have her checked in two weeks after I get paid, though.

Well, I'm off. Happy Oscar Night. Hope your favorites win. My picks? Best Actor--Philip Seymour Hoffman, Best Actress-Felicity Huffman, Best Supporting Actor--George Clooney, Best Supporting Actress--Rachel Weisz, Best Picture--Brokeback Mountain (even though I didn't see it and it reminds me of the South Park episode where Sundance comes to South Park and Cartman says all independent films are about gay cowboys eating pudding). But what do I know?

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