Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rainy days and Tuesdays always get me down

Actually, rainy days remind me of three songs: Maggie May, Nights In White Satin (and its companion Late Lament, which is always tacked on but technically a separate song) , and Funeral For A Friend. Back in my youth, these were the songs I always heard on the rock station on rainy days. On the way in to work this morning, I was listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, so no I just need Rod Stewart and The Moody Blues (which I'm singing in my head anyway). I want to be home in bed, nursing this sinus headache, and sipping lovely tea.
But alas, I have too much to do this week, and the boss expects me to get a boatload done by next Tuesday. HA! Like that's gonna happen.

At least I'm not the raging bitch I was yesterday. Boy Howdy, I was mean. The mood today?
so sleepy
a little weepy
daydreaming deeply
(ew) co-worker in short shorts--that's creepy
Poetry was never my strong suit. Deal with it.

Oh, the boy next door, you know, the guy with the active sex life, bought himself an electric guitar and is learning how to play (so he wants to be a rock & roll star). It's not going well. I suddenly have sympathy for my old neighbors when I was learning violin. Although, they were jerks anyway, so maybe not. Also, his new puppy was yapping like a fool last night while I was trying to watch some quality television (don't ask). I wanted to play with him, since the boy left puppy home alone. I'm thinking of cutting a gnome door between our apartments so I can play sneak in for some puppy time.

Cramps suck.

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