Thursday, March 30, 2006

My head is a Macy's parade balloon

I have so much sinus pressure built up that my head feels floaty. It's a good thing I'm sans boss again today. Despite the insane pain in my membrane, I did manage to get a buttload of work done, so I'm in good shape for the boss's return and the inevitable crap he'll be piling on my desk. Ho hum ('cause she doesn't know the words--hee hee).

My friend Dawn sent me this today and I played it about a gazilion times, because who hasn't tried to hit that high note. I'm saving it for a day when the men folk are really riding my last nerve.

Also, you should check this out and all the others, because it's some darn funny stuff and who doesn't like bunnies?

I have to put make up on now, lest I frighten people when I venture out in public.

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