Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I need an accountant

I am, or will be when my school gets around to cashing my check for parking, negative $16.72 in my checking account. "How can this be?", you ask. "She seems so smart and responsible". I took remedial math, people. In third grade, on a multiplication test, I actually wrote 3 x 3= chow chow chow. (Purina Cat Chow had this infectious commercial back in those days...circa 1973) Well, I thought it was funny, but Sister Cornelius failed to see the humor. Of course, she also didn't think it was funny when Joanne Reeser and I pulled Danny Pesta's chair out so that he fell flat on his ass when he went to sit down, but I digress.

The problem this time is a DVD I bought for my mother from the local TV station. Okay, don't was a DVD of the Rose Parade. Mom loves her some Rose Parade and they don't show the whole thing on the East Coast. First of all, the DVD arrived long before they charged my checking account. I thought, "oh, I must have charged it to my Mastercard instead", because I tend to forget these things, and added the charge back in. Then, 13 days later, a Pope John Paul II DVD shows up on my statement. I gasped, "Someone has charged fraudulently on my debit card!!! And they're Catholic too!". Then, two days after that, I was issued a credit for the JP2 DVD, but not before the SuperBank charged me an hefty NSF fee, which they won't refund me. I should also interject at this point that the charge and subsequent credit for the JP2 DVD was $3 more than I was quoted by oh-so-knowledgable telephone order girl when purchasing the Rose Parade DVD in the first place, hence adding to my confusion.
Like a good girl, I subtracted and added and subtracted all these things from my account. Then, four days later, they charged my account again, this time for the Rose Parade DVD, resulting in another NSF fee. This damn DVD has cost me $100. I could have had ringside seats and taped it myself for that kind of money. And according to the self-righteous customer service rep at SuperBank, I' m suppose to know that I charged things to my check card and subtract them from the balance (she actually gave me a lesson in balancing a checkbook). I told her that I did subtract it from the balance but was it too much to ask that the charge show up before the DVD (which took three weeks to arrive, mind you)? Was I wrong to assume that I had made a mistake when the DVD arrived and my account showed no signs of purchase? The answer, according to SRCSR, is yes.
So, I'm crossing my fingers that the school doesn't cash my parking check before the next payday. Murphy's Law being what it is, this will be the one month they actually cash the checks early. At least I paid my some bills this week. Dang!

On that note, I'm off to school.


scum said...

Personally, I'd go after the people that sent you the DVD for overdrafting your account. It's their fault they charged you for the wrong DVD and it was more expensive than the right one. You might at least get one of your fees back.

Just tell the truth in a way that suits you best, and it might work. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

Anonymous said...

Sister Cornelius was probably displeased that she didn't think of it first.