Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday was a bust

I'm no Catherine, but here goes a haiku to start you off:

Furniture job sucks.
Damn you, Wilshire Boulevard!
Noodle Time, my reward.

I went back to the furniture place on Wilshire. This time, the little man behind the security desk asked me where I was going. Friday, I just followed others to the elevators without incident. I told him, but he had never heard of the company. I showed him on the company directory.
"Fine," he said, "but you have to sign in." Okay, I have no problem with that. I head to the closest elevators. As I was getting on, a young boy got on as well and pushed the button for the 18th floor. This is when I noticed that the elevator buttons started at 14 and I needed to go to the 7th floor. Oops.

I came back down and, passing the desk, said, "Wrong elevators."
"Oh yeah," he said, "they're for the upper floors. You have to use these."
"Thanks," I replied, shaking off my sarcasm.

On the proper elevator, I pushed the 7. The elevator went to 9. I pushed 7 again. It stayed at 9. I pushed 7 again. It still stayed at 9. I pushed "door open" and got out. I tried another elevator, but as long as that one was staying at 9, no others would come. So I reached my arm in and pushed G, then waited for it to leave the floor. Then I called for another elevator. I got in and pushed 7. It stayed at 9. What the hell is going on here????? I pushed 8, and it went to 8. I pushed 7, and it went to 9. In defeat, I pushed G, and descended into despair.

Walking past the desk, I said to the helpful little man, "the elevator wouldn't go to the 7th floor."
"Oh yeah," he nodded. "That's 'cause they closed today. Elevator doesn't stop when they closed."
"That would've been helpful ten minutes ago," I replied as I left.

But, oh, the Noodle Time is just around the corner and the beef chow called to me so. Even though I had Pad Thai the night before and still had some in the fridge, so not the same.

OH, And THEN...I stopped by Big Lots for some trash bags, because I refuse to pay Hefty prices for something that is made to be thrown away, and right there outside the store was a guy peeing. Not off in a corner somewhere, no. He was peeing just to the left of the entrance doors, facing the wall at least. I defy anyone not to at least sneak a peek. The Big Lots crowd didn't seem to mind at all. And, there's a bathroom right inside the store. It's not policed or anything and the three old ladies that work there aren't going to throw him out.

So I picked up my trash bags, some paper towels and was searching for batteries, when Mr. Pee-body comes up and asks me if I know where the cheese and crackers are. And what do I say? "Do you mean the crackers with the cheese in between, or the ones with the cheese that you spread yourself? I think they're in that second aisle." I'm nothing if not polite, even to men who pee outside. Later, as I was looking for plastic storage stuff, I saw him in the back of the store eating the cheese and crackers, clearly with no intention to pay for them. Tsk, tsk...what do I expect from a guy who pees in public.

I couldn't get a nail appointment, I didn't get my estimates (I hope they're open on Monday) and I didn't get the DVD that Netflix (you bastards) told me was shipping Friday and now won't ship until Monday meaning I won't get it until Tuesday! There's nothing on TV Saturdays. I had to watch Cast Away for the umpteenth time. It was a TV series disc, and really they should send both because I have the 3-at-a-time plan and ZERO DVDs in my home at this time.

I'm washing the car today. It's tantamount to doing a rain dance.


miss kendra said...

this was excellently rambly. i love it.

Uccellina said...

It rained tonight!

Ellen Bloom said...

You have some of the most interesting adventures, right here in L.A.!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

It rained in San Diego, too!! Man, your rain dance is far-reaching!!

You shoulda spent the day at FM with Ellen. Would have been more entertaining and just as productive.

Frank said...

But how was the Noodle Time deliciousness?!

Laurie Ann said...

Noodle Time Beef Chow Mein=heaven.