Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday wonders

It didn't fit... you know the rest.I've never seen a black latex glove before. I wonder what purpose one has for a black latex glove. Is it a fashion statement? Actually, I don't think it was latex. It looked more like a hefty back.

If you're going to market an extra large cup, shouldn't you provide a straw that fits?

I went to a meeting today and this guy, this absolutely gorgeous man, came walking in. It was like that scene in "West Side Story" where Maria and Tony see each other across the dance floor and everyone else disappears. It was like every episode of The Monkees when Davey Jones would look at the pretty girl of the week and get stars in his eyes. He was that hot.
Then he spoke.
He sounded like Cliff Claven. I put two fingers on his lips and said, "No, no, my love. Don't speak. Words will only destroy this magic between us."
Then I woke up from my fantasy, took his money and sent him to the coffee table.

The school I used to attend--the one I quit a month ago--sent me a letter today to tell me my tuition was increasing. Wow, crack secretarial staff they have over there. Way to keep up the records.

I want spaghetti. with meatballs.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Why is that always the way?! It's like hearing Beckham speak. {{shudder}}

miss kendra said...

my tatttoo guy uses black gloves.

i will miss you tonights.