Friday, February 02, 2007

So Angry...Must Not Kill...Arrrggghh!!!!

Last night when I came home, I was ambushed by Frau Piss-me-off and Latina Gladys Kravitz the second I parked my car. The drippy bathroom faucet was worse than I thought and was leaking inside the cabinet, through the floor, and eventually into Gladys's kitchen. Frau told me she would call a plumber and hope to get one out today. If not, maybe she could look at it; it might just need a washer.
Today, after a bad day and even worse traffic, I came home to the sure signs that someone had been in my apartment. And this:
My formerly-clean, pretty pink towel that was hanging here when I finshed drying my hair this morning:

Note the empty hook where my towel used to be.

Now, one would assume that a plumber would anticipate a large amount of water as part of his regular work day and therefore come prepared for it. A plumber, unless he was hired this morning outside of the Home Depot, should NOT use the tenants clean towel to mop up water and then leave it in a filthy wet heap in the tub. THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
Even if the Frau was the one who fixed the sink , it's still unacceptable. Now my towel smells and it's so dirty I don't want to touch it.

And guess what? There's still a leak.

On a happy note, I have four bottles of wine to choose from and the trees are gone. See?I'm think Chardonnay.


uninvitedliketheclouds said...

My Mom gets mad when I drink

The Roy said...

My drinks get mad when I'm mom. (drinking now)

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

My drinks love me. Cept when they're wine and I mix them with real alkeeeholl and then they come back up to visit.

Frau PMO is a beeyotch. We gotta do something about her. And by "something", I mean get one of our "friends" from the "hood" to "talk" some "sense" into her.