Sunday, July 15, 2007

Royfest 2007: Day 1

I didn't finish cleaning, but that's okay. Roy's family. I didn't do laundry, but that's okay. I barely made it to the airport on time, but that's okay. For once it was fairly painless to get around LAX and I picked him up curbside without incident. I forgot to take the 405 to go to Tito's Tacos for lunch, but that's okay. We went to Tommy's on Beverly instead. I forgot my camera, but that's okay. We had fun--trust me.

So, the culinary tour has begun. Tommy's chili burgers were a hit. mmmm...
At 7:15ish we ventured out to Highland Park for Ellen Bloom's art opening. Now, like an idiot, I didn't jot down the address or remember the name of the gallery. So after three trips up and down Figueroa, I finally saw something that looked like a gallery of some sort and--Ta Da! We found it. Ellen looked faboo as the artist in residence and many of her incredible pieces were sold by the time we got there. And then we found...CHICKEN BOY! Chicken Boy is awesome. Too tall to live. Too weird to die. Amy, the gallery owner, bought Chicken Boy and saved him from his original location. He now lives in her backyard. Headless. Oh, he has a head.
It's just not attached. Poor Chicken Boy. Amy hopes to install Chicken Boy (avec tete) in a permanent home (maybe on her gallery?) , so I signed a petition to help make it so.
Here Darcy tries on CB's body for size. Hmm...not quite.

After gazing at art and marveling at the talented Ms. Bloom, we (The Roy and I) left to find food. But first, we couldn't pass up this photo op.Who's your buddy?

We decided to find something closer to home and after passing two horrific multi-car accidents on the 110 within yards of one another, I forgot to change lanes and ended up in the Hill Street lane, so I said, "Hey Roy, wanna go to Chinatown?" Oh, that reminds me--Gwen, I found that pagoda thingy in Ellen's painting. It's on Hill just as you come off the freeway on the left side of the street near a sign that reads "Chinatownland." Anywho, we ate at Won Kok, which wasn't on my list for the Culinary Tour, but this girl never passes up the Kok. It was tasty. We saw what appeared to be a small wedding party, a band of Mariachi's, and a cop in really, really tight pants.

Tomorrow: the local farmer's market, and perhaps Olivera Street and a trip to Philippe's.

*Roy is not wee; Jesus is huge.

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Ellen Bloom said...

LOVE your photos of your tour of LA!!! Thanks to you and Roy for venturing all the way out to Highland Park for the art show! Have a great time this week. I'm jealous...I want to be a tourist in L.A. too!