Friday, July 20, 2007

Royfest 2007: Day 7

Plans? We scoff at plans. Who needs 'em? Not The Roy and I. With nothing on the books save dinner at Palms Thai, we headed to West Hills where Roy gamely sat through a second viewing of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, even though he's never read the books. What a swell guy.

We goofed off until dinnertime, then off to Palms Thai for some delicious food and the Thai Elvis. After a few trips around the block, we Valeted the car. We were seated right up in front of the stage. Sweet! Front row seats for Elvis--both Thai and otherwise.

We both ordered Pad Thai--Roy ordered chicken; I ordered pork and a Thai tea. Both were absolutely delicious. Roy enjoyed it so much, he cleaned his plate. Me too.

Elvis was already in action when we arrived and finished his set as our food arrived. He was followed by a lithesome Asian girl who sang a variety of pop hits with very little emotion. During her set, Elvis (Kevin) sat with his back to the dining room reading a book. When the girl finished her set, she simply walked off the stage, picked up her cell phone and make a call. Elvis neatly tucked away his book and took his place on stage for a quiet rendition of "Love Me Tender."
They had the emotional detachment of a hooker. Most of the patrons were oblivious to the presence of the singers anyway.

When the Valet brought my car around, the CD we had been listening to was mysteriously on track 11, even though it was only on track 6 when we pulled in. Who knew valet parkers liked The Presidents of the United States of America. "Peaches come in a can. They were put there by a man at a factory downtown."


miss kendra said...

omg, i love thai elvis.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

THAI ELVIS?!!! With hooker-chick? Dude, you *SO* should have invited me along!!!!