Monday, July 16, 2007

Royfest 2007: Day 3

I had to work today, which left The Roy to his own devices. What kind of trouble did he get into? I'll let him tell you.

Here's Roy:
Okay. So after my wonderful auntie L left for work, I settled down on the couch and watched an episode or five of The Newsroom. Before I knew it, it was 1pm and I had not changed out of my pj's.

I washed up, changed costumes, and made a plan: hit up the post office for post card stamps, stop at Groundworks for a cheesy bagel, pick up some toiletries at Rite Aid, and scour the Amoeba for CDs I can't find in other stores. (Yeah, I could just buy them from the internet. I could also, like, uh... come up with a valid analogy to illustrate that finding them physically is more fun than just ordering them at will.)

So out I went:

  1. First stop, post office to buy stamps. Postage stamps, postage stamps, postage stamps. Yes! Postage stamps! Not a problem.
  2. Oh man, Groundworks only has one sickly looking bagel left. If it were a kitten, it would be breaking my heart. Alright, lets see. Jack in the Box? Nah. Maybe I should check out Hollywood Boulevard. There's gotta be a cool place to eat there, and I'd like to see the shops before I blow all my money at Amoeba.
  3. Left or Right? Uh. Hmm. Er. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeleft.
  4. Ooh! A poster and movie memorabilia shop. What's this? A Star Trek 4 poster? A Mallrats poster? An Asian Kill Bill 2 poster? A Mad Max mini poster? A receipt for eighty dollars?
  5. Oh, damn, another poster shop? With a beautiful Star Trek the Motion Picture poster in the window? For five ninety five? I've got to have that. I'm going to shoegaze until I pay though, because I don't need the temptation.
  6. Hmm. I'm getting really hungry, carrying quite a bit, and don't have much more money to spend. I'm going to go back to the post office and mail the posters to myself. Doopie doopie doo, I'm carrying posters, doopie doopie doo!
  7. Crap in a hat, the post office is on Wilcox.
  8. Hi again.
  9. Doopie doopie doo, on my way to Rite Aid, Doopie doopie what? Cute but goofy looking young Swedish lady is asking me for directions to Bank of America? I, I actually know where that is! "It's one or two blocks this way, I'm not sure how many, but it's definitely across the street." You look like you just got off the set of the Benny Hill show.
  10. Buh duh duh bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah buh da da da duh, da duh da duh dat! Buh duh duh bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah buh da duh daaa, da duh da duh dat! Rite Aid? Right on. Man, I'm hungry. Ooh, I know where there's an In-N-Out Burger! It's just a couple blocks down the street past Wilcox. That would hit the spot like a cement truck full of awesome.
  11. Shit in a philly, that was a long couple of blocks. And a sea of teenagers. But it was more than worth it for a Double Double and Vanilla Shake. Ahh, good times.
After all that it was back to Laurie's swank pad to sit and sweat. Soon enough, she returned from work, and it was cha-cha-cha-chilly dog time. Back to you, Laurie.

Home for me...Next stop on the Culinary Tour--CARNEY'S!!
I love me some Carney's. When I worked at Tower (the record store itself, not the offices), my friend Robert Bruggeman and I used to eat at Carney's every time we had a hankering for chocolate frozen bananas.
Roy ordered the Carney's dog; I got the Chicagoan. We shared a large chili cheese fries, and of course, we ordered the frozen chocolate-dipped nanners. Roy seemed dubious about his dog, but he enjoyed it. The fries looked like...well, you know.

But yum! And the bananas? Well, you be the judge.

Mommy would be so proud of me.

Do yourself a favor. Check out this website which accompanied the billboard below.


Gwen said...

Okay, Roy needs to have a blog!

Also, I love that you guys found the pagoda in Ellen's painting. Sweet!

miss kendra said...

i want to hang out with you.

Sachi said...

I totally need to coordinate visits with Roy.

BTW, Dad saw one of those fancy, crazy toilets in Japan and he cautioned his friend (the other American on the trip), "You'll want to be careful with that thing. It's all written in Japanese and, if you hit the wrong button, I'm pretty sure a tampon remover is gonna pop out at ya."

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Okay, firstly? Y'all are nutz. And (B)? Y'all better be careful where you consume those bananas. Ironic you should show us THAT billboard...

:) How funny - I could totally hear the "doopie doopie doo" in my head, but I need The Roy to demonstrate the buh duh duh bwah...