Sunday, July 15, 2007

Royfest 2007: Day 2

Oh, we had big plans...or rather, I had big plans. I was going to take The Roy to Olivera Street and then take the Dash Discovery around downtown getting off and on whenever the mood struck. We started off okay. We got up early and went to the farmer's market at Ivar and Selma to get some breakfast and fresh produce. But it was powerful hot at 9:30am and my sunglasses had broken, so it was not pleasant. And it was crowded. We got some killer breakfast burritos and a handful of white peaches, then headed home, where we sat in front of the fan (who thinks he's Fred Durst--shh, don't say anything).

We didn't want to get up, let alone walk around in the hot sun. I think we over extended ourselves yesterday. What can you do on a day like that? Go to a nice air conditioned theater, of course.

As we were leaving, Roy's friend Jose called to tell him it was National Ice Cream Day (as dictated by Ronald Reagan) and to invite him for an ice cream. Well, obviously joining Jose was out of the question, but we did our best to celebrate with "appropriate ceremonies and activities" at Bennett's at the Farmers Market.

After ice cream, we headed over to the theater to get tickets to Ratatouille. We stopped to watch the dancing fountain (which had a broken water cannon that kept us entertained more than it should) and while there, an old man was taking a photo of a very attractive, very much younger woman. I stage whispered to Roy, "Can you say 'trophy wife'?" As they were walking away, the old man turned to me and winked.

Ratatouille was great. I didn't want French food afterward, as Catherine did, but I did want a cute little rat who can cook like Remy. Roy reminded me that rats are not cute* and most certainly can't cook, so I got over that fast.

We came home, relaxed in front of the fan, and then I began the knitting lessons. Roy chose the Twize 100% bamboo yarn (in Twed) to begin a very ambitious project--a hat. Okay, not so ambitious but for a very beginner, that's something. So far, so good. He caught on pretty quickly.
Look how excited he is. And the concentration!

So far, the culinary tour isn't going so well. I've only hit one spot on the tour, but we're hoping to hit more this week. We were just too tired today.

*Yes, I know. Some people find rats freakin' adorable. I am not one of them...unless they are cartoony and speak like Patton Oswalt.


Annika said...

Man, I can't wait to have an adult nephew. You guys are having so much fun!

miss kendra said...

YAY! this looks delightful.

Catherine said...

I totally love how you're showing the Roy around to some of our finest spots. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of Philippe's! And how much do I love that he's taking up knitting? Such fun!

And AHAHAHA at your fan being Fred Durst. It does it all for the nookie, you know.