Thursday, July 19, 2007

Royfest 2007: Day 6

Waaahhhh....Is it day six already? But, but, but we're having so much fun!
We made a concerted effort to actually get up at a decent hour today so we could see things...well, so much for that. We did get out the door before noonish, so it wasn't so bad. We headed downtown, taking the scenic route down Sunset/ Cesar Chavez to Union Station. After a delicious
bagel from Union Bagel, we ventured over to Olivera Street. Before we left union, I had to pee but there was a line and I didn't feel like waiting. I said, "There'll be restrooms across the street." I now know where all the restrooms are at El Pueblo de Los Angeles because my oh so helpful nephew pointed out every toilet we passed--for the rest of the day!!! Thanks, Roy!
We walked all around the gazebo, past the Chinese American History Museum where Roy learned about the Chinese Massacre of 1871, and saw some filming at the Pico House (they transformed it into a Colombian bus station).

Next, we hopped the Dash B to Temple, where we walked around the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Roy's not Catholic, but I showed him the mausoleums and the courtyard anyway. Then, we walked over to Disney Hall, where I made a delightful purchase at the LA Phil store. Land o' Goshen it was hot outside today. I dragged Roy through that lawn area by the Civil courts building (I don't know if it has a name) and over to the Court of Flags which also happens to be the entrance to the Civic Center stop on the red line. Did I mention the heat? I was not going to be able to walk back over to the Dash stop. But a quick subway ride brought us back to Union Station. Okay, I admit. I was lazy. We could have walked to our next destination, but...I drove two whole blocks to

Mmm...I ordered the Pork sandwich and Roy ordered the Beef, then we split them so we each had half. I got macaroni salad with mine, while Roy choose a pickle, which he shared with me because he was raised properly. It was delicious and dripping in au jus, just the way we like it.

There was a family sitting at the other end of our table with a precocious little girl named Lindsay. Lindsay was eating pie. Mmm, pie.

So after a brief respite at Chateau de Tante Laurie Ann, we headed off to the Farmer's Market for SnB, where nothing would do but a stop at DuPar's for pie and ice cream. I chose Rhubarb; Roy had Blueberry. We headed upstairs where Roy signed autographs and had his picture taken with his fans. (not really, but he was quite the celebrity). He gamely tried to make headway on his hat ( see Day 2), met Chatty Catherine, and helped us celebrate the birth of the lovely and talented Ellen.

We came home and watched Chicken Run, during which Roy invented the greatest drinking game in which one drinks every time Mel Gibson as Rocky Rhodes makes a sexist remark. Try it at home. You'll be loopy before you know it.

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miss kendra said...

it was deightful to meet the roy, and i hope to be in better spirits next time.

also, i <3 olivera street.