Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hollywood, 1807

Day two of No Hot Water. I boiled water in a large stock pot and transferred it into several more manageable vessels to take to the bathroom where I pretended it was the 1800's and this method of bathing was normal. My hair is kind of unruly today. I don't think I got it rinsed clean, but I had to wash it today--it had been too long already. All I can say is, I'm so glad I was born and raised in the 20th century.

I called my slumlord and Frau Bullshite claimed to have not received my frantic plea yesterday.
Her initial reaction when I told her I didn't have hot water? "Well that's between you and the Gas Company." Excuse me??? I patiently explained that I have paid my gas bill and it's not the heating of said water that is the's the existence of the water in the pipes that thwarts my attempts at hygiene. She explained, as if I were an idiot, how to go to the hot water heater and turn the hot water back on. Here's an example: "Open the door--you have to pull the latch up first--and then at the top right--if you're facing it, it will be above the heater...on the right--there's a lever--you know, a like a handle?--and you want to put it in the on position..." Like I don't know what freakin' lever is??? Oh, I guess they only call it a lever in Germany. Here in America we call them Schloppendoodles. Haven't you heard of that soap? Schloppendoodle 2000? Anywho, in a round about way, she admitted that the "professionals" she hired were doing work on the apartment in the back and "must have turned off the wrong hot water." Gee, ya think they would have noticed when hot water came pouring out at them from the other apartment's faucet? She said she'd be there today around 5:00 and turn it back on for me. I hope so because I do so love a hot shower.


Anne-Marie said...

You know they are only cute because they are wet and dont look like rats!

No water sucks. We had no water at all here when we flooded last month. Well I did because I can't afford to live in the city, where the floods were worse(bonus!), but my friends were showerless and waterless for 2 weeks. The worse part was that when they did have water, they couldnt use it for another week because it was contaminated... So.Tempting.

Hope you get your hot water today.

Frank said...

I hope you get some hot water today! er, tonight...