Friday, August 31, 2007

Fish Watch 2007

Today is payday and so I ran to Petco after work to get supplies for "Operation: Heal Nacho." I had many suggestions in my head as I went. pH levels? got a tester. Water too cold? got a thermometer. Lonely? no, I didn't get him a friend, but only because he's in a tank, not a bowl, and it doesn't lend itself to division (or multiplication for that matter--hee hee). And if I put his new friend in a smaller bowl, he'd have inferiority issues and that's not fair. I promptly tested the water in his tank. It's very warm, high pH, high ammonia--by God, I'm killing him.

I did start the medicine regimen, even though I said I didn't want to, and he seems a little livelier, although still not my usual Nacho Libre. He's getting a full-on water change this weekend. Let's hope it helps.

Thanks for the good thoughts for my poor baby.


Valerie said...

I hope he feels better! Well wishes to Nacho Libre (Cool name) from NY! I also wanted to say Hello from a fellow Hufflepuff!

Roy said...

What we need is a rocking montage that takes us from sick Nacho to hulking out fit Nacho. I'll warm up the electric guitar and the synths, you get the camera ready.