Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ant Watch sans photo

I tried to take a picture of the ants before I left today but my camera was all blurry, as if it lost a contact. Then I was bitten. (Don't ask)
Anyway, they now have five tunnels and a sixth on the way. The first tunnel started at the top and went down, but all the rest have branched out from the bottom of the first tunnel. It's very interesting. Most of the day, all but four or five are gathered in the bottom of the tunnels having a strategic planning meeting, no doubt. The few that aren't in the meeting are busy cleaning up the previously made tunnels or working on a new tunnel. But somehow in the night the whole crew gets in on the action and WOW new tunnels greet us in the morning.
In case you're interested, they are Harvester Ants. If you'd like an ant farm of your very own, and you should because these guys are endlessly fascinating, you can get it here.

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