Monday, October 29, 2007

My innocence is shattered

Recently, the IT department flipped a switch and all the generic emails from our web site's "contact us" address are coming to me, so that I might respond to serious inquiries. So far, all I've received from this fiasco are 80 million penis enlargement and Viagra ads. (Viagra is 71% off if anyone is interested. I've apparently got the hook-up.)

Some of the enlargement ads are downright entertaining, while most are just offensive. I'm no prude (okay, maybe a little) but DANG, people, I do not need to read those words at 8:00 in the morning before I've had sufficient amounts of caffeine. Among the cruder ads about "massive meat" and "touching her tonsils" was my favorite by far--"now even your stomach won't be able to hide your massive size."

Know your audience.


Kaparoo said...

You said it!
(and quite well, I might add!)

Anne-Marie said...

Don't you just love the IT department? Ours blew up the AC and spent the last 2 days chipping ICE off the servers.

They do an ok job at stopping the junk getting through, shame hotmail haven't worked it out yet :)

Valerie said...

Wow... uh.. I'm not prude at all but you better let me get at least 2 Mocha Lates in me before talking like that. -=giggle=-