Friday, October 12, 2007

Tomorrow's the big day

Phew! The signs are made. The check list is complete. The name tags are done and alphabetized. The vans are packed. The gift bags stuffed. MC script is finalized. Silent Auction items are described. Bid numbers assigned. Computers are programmed.

It's almost over. I can't wait until Monday--when I can start in on a whole new batch of crap.
My one year anniversary at this job is a month away. Who knew?

I'll post photos of the NSLBD with final necklace selection, fabulous hair and actual make up on Sunday, if I'm able.

EEK! My camera battery died after three pictures. Crap!! And the first two didn't come out good. I'll post the one I have, but I may just have to wait and steal a picture of my from our staff photographer. She took a good one of me giving my best smoldering look. We'll see.
I can tell you my hair was lovely.

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5150 Knitwit said...

Good Luck! Can't wait to see the whole outfit.