Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moody (edited)

Oh, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was cranky from jump. Then a friend sent me a photo of a ghetto wedding and it cheered me right up. Nothing like laughter at the expense of others to change your mood.

Edited: I totally uploaded the wrong sunset and I can't find the right one. So instead, here are some excerpts from the Ghetto Wedding.

I am SO wearing that for my wedding!

Please note the grooms celly, in case his homies call--on his WEDDING DAY!!
Someone let their subscription to "Martha Stewart's Living" expire. Could you at least throw a can of Betty Crocker Ready to Spread on top? Maybe a quick lemon glaze?


Ewe-niss said...

Alright - now I want to see the picture of the ghetto wedding. :-)

WineGrrl said...
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WineGrrl said...

I laughed; then, I remembered a cousin who had a wedding almost EXACTLY like this. They actually had their three children in the wedding party as well.

Actually, they left out the unfrosted bundts.

It was pretty ghetto, though.

P.S. Their cake was pretty nasty, and at least those bundts were probably homemade by someone.