Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ramblings of Monday News

Ant Update:
This is the progress at 5:00pm FridayAnd this is Monday at 7:45am.
No more vertical columns, but lots of little connecting tubes. That dark area in the lower right is what we have been calling "the board of directors." Most of the ants huddle in one of the lower tunnel areas no doubt discussing their next plan of action while three or four "assistants" run around scoping out the situation, getting coffee, cleaning up.

Harry Potter Sock Kit Swap Update:
It's all over but the sending of my package to my swap mate (sorry Neila, I'm waiting for your yarn--I sent you a teaser package so watch the owl post). But what was the result of all that trivia posting you ask? TEAM HUFFLEPUFF WON THE HOUSE CUP! Oh yeah, my fellow badgers and I kicked some Quidditch tail and won, despite not getting the snitch this time around.

Fire Season! (Duck Season):
The air is hot and smokey, even this far from the fire lines. I can't breathe and I haven't refilled my inhaler prescription yet because I have to see my doctor for a new prescription (it's been a while and she thinks I may need a different one). I meant to see her last week, but didn't get an appointment. Now I have to wait until next week. No winding down my car windows, I guess.

Childhood Obesity:
I'm a contributor. My fish is overweight. Yes, fish can be overweight. I looked it up on a Betta site and poor little Nacho has a little too much bulge around the fin area. I'm a bad mother. I have to cut back on his food intake. Poor chubby little fishy.

Lest you look at the time stamp and think I'm crazy or suffering insomnia, I have slept...on the sofa...from about 10pm to 2:45am. I'm going to bed now. Don't worry.


Neila said...

pout..pout...I tried SO hard to put Ravenclaw over the top but, in the end, I failed. Oh well...there's always next time!

I've got my eyes peeled for that owl post! I love teaser!!

Hope you're handling the fires. During the Griffith Park fire, my daughter chose to stay at work (even though the fire was directly across the 5 from her office) because the air conditioning in her office handled the smoke/ash better than being at home.

woolanthropy said...

What is that blue goo the ants are living in? Is it good for them? Do they eat it? I love the ant observations!