Sunday, October 07, 2007

I rock, not to be confused with IROC, which any racing fan would know

And why do I rock you might ask? Well, I woke up early enough to post my trivia answers for my Harry Potter thing before the Golden Snitch was found. Then, I went ahead and found that pesky old snitch anyway, securing 150 points for my house, Hufflepuff. (Some of you may be worried about my mental health, to which I say "what mental health?")

Since I was up, I finished knitting the bag for my Harry Potter Sock Kit swapster. Having not figured out how to get the lining attached, I did what any good knitter would do--I cast on for another project. And I am nearly finished with that one, too. (Some of you may think I need to get out more and maybe get some vitamin D via good ol' sunshine. Some of you may be right.)

Then, I cleaned the fish tank because Nacho was giving me the sad fish stare and making me feel like a bad person. No one can give you the guilts like that fish--and maybe my mother. So now my pretty fish is happy in his clean tank with sterilized rocks and currently trying to swim into the filter yet again. (I swear I've never watched "Finding Nemo" in his presence.) Get out of there, doofus!

Then I scrubbed the kitchen sink (because, ew, fish water) and since I had the cleaning supplies out anyway, I scrubbed the bathroom sink, the shower, the toilet, but not the floors because it was night when I did this and my bathroom is poorly lit. You really need sunlight to get all the spots.

Then I read Laurie's book cover-to-cover before watching Saturday Night Live and going to bed. Well, to be honest, I'd already read her blog and I know how it ends so it's not like I read Proust. But still, it was a good read and I kept hearing Laurie's voice and seeing her expressions which made it fun. And Sara's devil baby blanket came out awesome. I hadn't seen the finished product. Felt a little sad at the lack of leopard-print tissue cover recipe, but oh well.

Then I went to bed. Phew. Okay, so maybe I don't exactly rock, but considering I spent last Saturday curled up in bed before getting up at 7:30, making myself pretty, attempting to find Kendra's birthday party, getting lost, crying, giving up and driving back home, I'd say I teeter a little.


Piglottie said...

You should be basking in your glory, great Snitch finder! :) Glad you have finished your bag and I did lol at your cast on another project comment!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

YOU ROCK, even tho the first paragraph had me scratchin my head (and I've read all the books!) Way more ambitious than I was this weekend, but I actually *made it* to K's party, so...

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, and my nomination for one of the best blog lines ever:

Having not figured out how to get the lining attached, I did what any good knitter would do--I cast on for another project.

YEAH, buddy!!! TAKE THAT, nefarious lining!!!

miss kendra said...

snitch finding is equal to party attendance.